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Socialize With Us
If you go to our Facebook page and post on our wall it creates requests directly in our production system.  If you need a special or new garments for a new employee tell us on Facebook.  This allows you to leverage their technology and use whatever device you like to contact us.  Cell phones, Laptops, Desktops, or Tablets.  They all work with Snow White Linen.  We also love to hear your suggestions and comments so we can get better.  Like us and post on our wall.  Socialize Us.    
Follow SnowWhiteLinen on Twitter
Just like Facebook you can interact with Snow White Linen via Twitter.  If you Tweet to us that you need more towels or that Johnny's coveralls don't fit anymore, we are here to help.  Give us feedback with photos of successes or instances where we fell short.  We want to know because we want to be the best.  Follow us on Twitter and send us a Tweet.  Tweet me.
We are trying to take Face to Face communication to the next level.  Why just tell us what you need when you can show us.  We have incorporated Skype at every computer throughout our organization and use it internally everyday.  You can send us an instant message for a quick request or video call us to show us what exactly you want fixed on your garment.  Service is much easier when you know who you are talking to.  Click the links above that have live status updates to chat with our staff.
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