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About Us
Snow White Linen Supply is an Alaskan pioneer.  It was started in 1926 and has maintained itself as a valuable member of the Alaskan economy ever since.  Over the years it has gone through many different transformations.  From a laundry cart to a laundromat to a dry cleaner to a linen supply company back to a dry cleaner then back to a linen supply company. Whatever the case in Alaska Snow White has always met the laundry needs of those who have needed it.

Currently Snow White is a budding uniform and linen supply company headed up by two young Alaskans named Scott and Will Woodland.  They are looking to continue the name and tradition of this Alaskan original.  Scott and Will's focus is on creating the number one laundry facility in the state and maybe someday the world. Snow White's mission statement is "To be the #1 customer service provider in Alaska."  Over the last ten years they have worked tirelessly building a successful business from scratch and look forward to providing the best linen services this state has ever seen.  

From Scratch? you might be saying, it is true.  Even though Snow White has been in the community for almost a century Scott and Will's vision of this new business has been evolving since 2002.  While Scott and Will were finishing up their college degrees, an opportunity to restart a business at 7th and I St came available.  When we entered the building it was completely empty, not even a chair to sit on, we looked at each other and asked "So, do you want to do this?"  They both agreed and started by putting in one washing machine and went out looking for customers.  From that point on they have built Snow White into a statewide company with loyal customers helping them every step of the way.  Even though it has been ten years they feel as if they have only just begun.  

Snow White is about new beginnings and helping promote a healthy economy here in Alaska.  We believe that Alaska is just getting started and that this wonderful state that we call home will bring us new opportunities and adventures with every step we take.  We are here to help your business in any way that we can.  Alaska is our home and we want to enjoy it with everyone.  We don't succeed unless you do too.  Give us a call we are always open to talk, meet, or go play a round of golf.  Thank you for caring enough to read this and we hope to see you out on the slopes.